To-Do List: Go to Disneyland around Christmas time

Anyone down to go on a date with me ;)? 

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We can say that all good things come to an end
But we know each other way too well to pretend
We went from friends to somethin’ much more
To breakin’ up to makin’ up and fuckin’ once more
Second chances, we gave enough to finally
We gave it up, but some days I be wakin’ up and wantin’ one more
But what for? Maybe it’s just the weather
We break each others hearts, so maybe it’s for the better
Holler whenever, cause you always got a friend in me
And nothin’ lasts forever, least we got these memories
Nothing Last Forever // J. Cole
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Chasing Pavements | Adele

Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin’ pavements?
Even if it leads nowhere
Or would it be a waste
Even if I knew my place
Should I leave it there
Should I give up,
Or should I just keep chasin’ pavements
Even if it leads nowhere

I build myself up
And fly around in circles
Waitin’ as my heart drops
And my back begins to tingle
Finally, could this be it

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Rant: Friendship

Growing up. Finding new interest. Meeting new people. Experiencing things you never imagined. It’s all apart of life. Changing. Or staying the same. Or finding “yourself”. I’m glad to be where I am in life. Burning bridges with fake friends. Losing close friends but still dearly care about them. Making new friends of all sorts. And keeping the ones I call family close in my heart. Saying goodbye to the ones you love off to college or life’s new paths. Saying fuck you to the ones who stabbed you in the back. Not needing to say “I Love You” to those who already know that words aren’t needed between us. 

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I’m not the same girl I was before.

I’m tired of being that nice girl who gets taken advantage of or taken for granted. I’m tired of giving everyone a second chance even when they didn’t deserve it. I was the one who always cared too much and I was the one who got hurt the most in the end. No matter what decision I make, I lose. 

So I’ve changed. I’m hard and protected. I’m done trusting people. I’m done doing favors for people who never appreciate me. I’m done being left alone. Leaving the girl who was never good enough for anyone, and rising from it all. 

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That was my last straw.

I don’t blame you. I blame myself. I don’t hate you. I hate myself. Maybe I’m too nice, always forgiving you and making up excuses for you. Maybe I got attached and fell really hard. For making you someone important in my life. It’s not like I wasted effort, time, and tears on you. You became a lesson to my heart and a story I can tell but wish not to. I know I should hate you for all the shit you put me through… but I can’t.

I’m constantly thinking about you, but after girls and problems kept arising, I knew I have to let you go, for now. This is my time to move on. And maybe in the near or distant future I can let you back into my life where I’m not hurt anymore. Because you’re happy without me and with another girl…

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